Hands crafted Wood FurnitureFurniture — Believe that it is throughout Vermont

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Trying to find traditional made by hand pine wood furniture, mentioned within the excellent ‘ol U . s . states? It is not really very easy to find the concept anymore, will it be? Lots Of People in the united states consider New York because the okay furnishings capitol of the usa, nonetheless throughout the final 3 decades, that has changed. The furnishings firms the world thinks of to be quintessentially United states . — for instance Thomasville, Broyhill, Ethan Allen as well as Side from the road — no more produce a lot, or no household furniture within the u . s . states. Rather they’ll use outdoors agencies for his or her particular household furniture to be able to industrial facilities through the china, Vietnam and various under-developed nations.

How do you mind to discover authentic, high quality, made by hand pine wood furniture? Apparently Vermont is regarded as as by many people is the actual fine pieces of furniture capitol from the u . s . states. Through unofficial depend, some 2000 small pine wood furniture producers dept of transportation the rural Vermont country, making use of your intensely wooded dynamics in our condition for way of getting normal, eco-friendly recycleables.

Vermont has typically been lately where you can an exciting bungalow industry regarding worksmen, employed in a myriad of press, for example local hard forest. Pine wood furniture designers coming from all all over the world mind to have the ability to Vermont to train their very own build within the Natural Pile condition. Any flourishing group connected with craftsmen is marketing, getting together Vermont homes who’ve used woodworking for several decades as well as newcomers who’ve shipped new along with other facets of the particular craft towards the location. Clients result from worldwide to purchase within the modest furniture companies as well as showrooms possessed by these types of contractors and women.

Furniture enthusiasts will uncover Vermont furnishings purchasing being a significant distinct encounter compared to schedule visit to a place large box furnishings shop. Knowledgeable clients are integrating their furnishings shopping together with travel as well as vacation throughout Vermont’s outlying outlying. The specific fall leaf-peeping months are nearly the time of preference to visit shopping although site visitors are recognized year-round. To educate yourself regarding Vermont’s made by hand pine wood furniture searching, browse the Vermont Okay Furniture Celebration, stored within the particular Marriage Arena, 496 Woodstock Road 3 (Option Some) inside Woodstock, VT each year in the last week regarding October. This holiday season the particular dates are often October 25-56, The entire year of 2010. Above A hundred connected with Vermont’s best furniture producers will probably be showing the job they are doing as well as supplying a good insider’s look at how real made by hand pine wood furniture is produced. You are able to really match the furnishings producers and obtain made manually pine wood furniture started or perhaps order cost-effective customized pieces of furniture to become built only for you and also shipped directly to your residence. When you are truth be told there, ensure you permit the contractors and girls understand your opinion: could be Vermont in reality the truly amazing Furniture Capitol of the usa

Manufactured Wood Floor Existing Solutions

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Manufactured wood is not comfortable to everybody. It is a kind of wood which will consists of types of forest. You’ll find cellular levels define designed wood, let us consider spond and don coating. The deterioration level may be the level that is open at first glance. The sponse covering includes various kinds of wood. Most homeowners remain cynical regarding designed woodlands, but likewise, these are merely competitive with reliable Wood Floor. Actually, they are better for the household.


There explanations why the key reason why the specific manufactured forest are growing their recognition throughout floorboard usage. You’re the cost among designed Wood Floor together with reliable Wood Floor. The previous is cheaper to create. Regardless of the reasonable prices where it’s presented available on the market, it may much better tolerate dampness in addition to warmth changes when in comparison to reliable Wood Floor. One more reason may be the energy using the use covering regarding built Wood Floor. This type of level could be sanded around Five occasions, that’s cost-efficient. Lastly, it has an choice to take advantage of designed wood to become connected at first glance of concrete surfaces or existing hardwood floormats. This feature is extremely well suited for ground service companies like a flooring group organization.

Misguided values

You will find many common misconceptions which may be advised in relation to built hard forest. Numerous explain these are “fake” wood. It isn’t genuine. The truth is, because of diverse levels that comprise manufactured hardwood floors, we have an choice for providers to combine many timber sorts collectively to create solid however easily portable floor sections. They are some of the best types of floor boards.

Another myth which is available is always that refinishing these kinds of flooring surfaces is not achievable or even an adverse replacement for create. It isn’t whatsoever very hard, yet very hard. The smoothness including designed floor demands different techniques regarding refinishing. Quite frequently, specialist assistance is needed while home owners are thinking about refinishing these types of flooring.

Professional Flooring Service

Any flooring staff company is among the couple of companies that present professional flooring services. They might service a variety of surfaces. They’ll offer home proprietors to make the correct judgements with regards to existing designed flooring. Each and every homeowner is faced with current financial obligations mud floorboards’ materials or perhaps switch the floormats.

Sanding in addition to floorboard substitute will need professional treatment. No matter how several Do-it-yourself reading through materials and movie instructions a home-owner may observe, he/she’ll nevertheless not have the ability to match the caliber of flooring sanding companies provided by government bodies. Sanding requires evenness. This is very hard relating to greenies who’re basically sanding the first time * not to mention your substantial area they have got to be able to sand. These type of flooring surfaces need considerably less sanding because they are substantially stronger, thus property proprietors may overexert your sanding as well as waste the harm level. Exactly the same pertains to floorboard substitute it’s very challenging.

Refinishing manufactured Wood Floor needs to be remaining to have the ability to pros since the top excellence of the flooring is vital for your home’s safety and question.

Wood Paintings Clocks Add Both Function and form towards the Home

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A conventional style clock is frequently the right option for the standard styled home. While you will find some preferring the current appearance of metal and geometric designs, the standard Wood Paintings clocks can provide a nostalgic antique look while supplying the precision of the modernly designed watch. By selecting this kind of fixture to hold on your wall in your house, you could have both function and form in almost any room.

Upon considering the Wood Paintings clocks available to buy, you will notice that you will find a variety of styles to select from, however the choice you are making is entirely as much as your personal preference. As the modern design frequently includes a digital readout, the standard clocks which are typically built of wood, may have an analog display having a designated face, together with both one minute hands and 2nd hands. For individuals who’re searching for time that may be passed onto future decades, a great choice since they’re frequently more sturdy in design.

Wood Paintings clocks provide a pleasing look which will complement any style and design since they’re made from natural wood. While you will notice that there’s a variety of kinds of wood which are used, the hardwood floors, for example cherry, oak, and walnut, be more effective suitable for withstand years of use. When utilizing wood to produce a clock, nearly any design may be used, even more modern searching clocks use wood like a base, but usually the designs are frequently discovered to be classical searching.

You will find a variety of Wood Paintings clocks which are frequently hand made, which makes them a great deal more unique than individuals which are created within the factory. Wooden cuckoo clocks, for example, are usually hands-created and therefore are frequently worth greater than the more styles. While the earth has become a great deal more dependent on factory made products, you will find still lots of clocks which are made manually in areas around the globe.

Regardless of whether you select a clock that provides the wonder and sturdiness of the traditional design a treadmill that seems to become more contemporary, you will notice that most of them incorporate a watch that’s operate on probably the most current technology. Using a clock that’s made from natural wood which includes an atomic watch, you’ll have a beautiful clock that’s as accurate because they come.

Antique Furniture Basics

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Older binoculars could possibly be of countless several types and also every one of the classic collectibles as well as furnishings actually is the most used and also practical choice. Antique furniture is actually distinct from some other groups of collectibles in the sense which nobody records the identical kind of item frequently. It implies that you might n’t want to buy as well as accumulate merely furniture or perhaps chests along with complete your home with everything exactly the same. Nonetheless, maybe you have a unique preference to specific timber or even fashion.

Irrespective of your preference, if you are planning to purchase antique furniture, you must know the fundamentals. To put it differently, you should have an idea regarding numerous styles, techniques associated with construction, surface finishes and also selection of woodlands employed. You will need this data to determine if your particular part can be initial (in their original express without main changes) or even transformed (if a number of main changes or perhaps improvements happen to be designed to the idea.)

Once you are acquainted with the basics, head to as much antique furniture retailers and sales as is possible. While examining it the merchandise, don’t be afraid throughout extracting compartments, getting down in your joints to think about underneath regarding tabletops or lifting seats to have a have a look at their own lower limbs. Should you not find serious, you’ll never understand. At the start, household furniture has been crafted from solid wood however with enhancement in display case producing methods, home furniture design by utilizing false teeth (slender bedding involving solid wood) was created. This particular offered an inexpensive method of making ornamental consequences coming from diverse grain and designs. It absolutely was additionally an economical strategy that will manufactured inexpensive woods appear to be costly tough hardwoods. These kinds of household furniture a reliable system known as a carcass that’s created from an alternative, usually less expensive wooden, just like pinus radiata. Many of the woodlands utilized in antique furniture are generally beech, cherry, saying, black, elm, mahogany, pine, oak, satinwood, walnut and many others.

These characteristics are usually considerable any time deciding the age, reliability, high quality and value or even cost of antique furniture:

My spouse and i. Shade as well as Patina: Patina could be the shine of the solid wood after many years associated with accumulation of feel enhance along with grime. An abundant delicate coloration can be an important sign of antique furniture.

Two. Portion: A exorbitant furniture piece may well be a “marriage” of various parts coming from various furnishings.

3. Construction: Prior to the late 17th hundred years, household furniture appeared using mortise and tendons joint parts as well as pegs were handmade.

Intravenous. Problem: Tend not to ignore parts using scars or even spots because the solid wood will not be harmed. A good restorer may undo area areas. Antique Furniture inside original beautiful problem is worth the best price.

V. Adjustments: Altered furniture is usually less attractive as opposed to unique bit. Identifying alterations contain significant parts lowered in space, recently minimize surfaces, blocked divots, repositioned manages and so forth.

You now know very well what to watch out for, absolutely suit best places to try to find antique furniture?

Effectively, aside from sales along with retailers, you can always confirm the classifieds area in the document to determine if anyone’s promoting furnishings along with go give it a look. You might also look for a deal by doing this. Additionally, if you’ve been sites that will market antique furniture on the web or you will search on the internet to find out where you can check out find discounted prices about antique furniture.

Designed Wooden Flooring

Wooden flooring is certainly very popular. Wooden flooring features a conventional, lovely and comfy look that’s certainly ideal for an array of rooms. Also, they’re eco-friendly, cost-effective and guess what happens is the fact that there’s lots of assortment accessible. Wooden flooring may also be relatively simple to consider proper care of. Furthermore, wood floors improve the need for a home and therefore are for your reason a great investment. Today, wooden flooring is going to be carried out distinctive in addition to customized styles much like edges, medallions, hands-distressing, painting, mixed media, blemish in addition to spectacular wood.

Manufactured wooden flooring are produced from layers including wood which may be pressed in addition to fixed collectively. Each and every layer is really placed alternatively instrument within the mix-grain configuration then restricted utilizing pressure and warmth. Your width about this type of wood varies. Three- in addition to five-ply floor will be the most frequent built wooden flooring.

Designed wooden flooring works by which seem wooden flooring is simply not, for example cellars ., living spaces, electricity suites and powdered elements areas which may be prone to finish up moist or perhaps individuals who possess substantial specific traffic. These kinds of flooring surfaces could endure alterations in humidity and temperature effectively and could thus become mounted from the level in your home. An additional advantage may be the fullness including built wood flooring which may be basically 3/8 to have the ability to 5/8 inch, enabling these to finish up being put on current flooring.

Designed wooden flooring will come in done in addition to pre-finished kinds. Pre-finished manufactured wooden flooring can be quite well-known because it is frequently fairly simple to setup. Each of the sanding as well as finishing is completed inside the manufacturing facility alone. The standard from the tip and also the breadth in the don level are important elements that need considering. Manufactured wooden flooring may also be labeled while parquet (number of flooring bits established inside a geometric design) planks wooden flooring (straight line and larger boards including wooden) as well as reel (linear floor that’s less broad) versions.

Designed floor covers is obtainable because tongue-and-groove strips. Additionally, there are extended cells designed for flying type of installation. The next, it’s are stuck together rather than towards the substrate. The benefit of manufactured flooring is dependent upon the harm layer, which may be really the veneer. The particular veneer runs from near to 1/12 ” to have the ability to inch. Designed flooring may also be abraded as well as recoated. Flat-cut veneers search much better than rotary-cut dentures despite the fact that they are more expensive and uncommon.

Wood Flooring – Enhancing the appearance and cost of your house?

Wood flooring or hardwood flooring are something which can also add lots of value to your house. However, you will find several things to think about when purchasing your wood flooring. From the kind of area that it’ll be set up in, to the kinds of people who live in your house as well as where your house is situated.

Among the first things that you will have to think about before buying your wood flooring is how you will place it. This can really dictate which kind of flooring that you’ll use. For example, a basement is a little damper so you will need to avoid wood flooring. Rather than by using this, you should use designed flooring or laminate floors.

You may even desire to use the options in areas such as the bathroom and kitchen due to the potential of being wet. Your kitchen may have a large amount of spills and possible water leaks and also the bathroom talks by itself. These other kinds of flooring will give you exactly the same look without the possibility of getting your wood flooring destroyed.

When you leave individuals areas, your choices tend to be more open where one can use solid hardwood floors. After that, you are able to pick your preferred kind of wood and select to possess your floor completed with it. Now you will find different depths of wood flooring which will dictate the technique you can use to set up it too as how costly it will be.

No matter the kind of hardwood floor that you select, there’s no mistaking the truth that it’ll significantly improve the look of your house. Rather than getting dull, worn-out carpets, the feel of shining new hardwood flooring will certainly boost the overall value of the house too.

While it costs you a bit more to set up, it’ll greater than purchase itself through the years. If you’re afraid of the upfront cost, all that you should do is sit lower and check out the main one-time cost in comparison to the cost through the years of getting carpet in your house. Wood flooring will probably overcome the homeowner. Carpeting not just needs constant care for example cleaning and cleaning, additionally, it goes away within five years. When you put in it again, you’ve most likely surpassed the price of setting up your hardwood flooring.

Hardwood floors presents you with lots of choices to improve the feel of your house. Even when you’re going and among the less costly options, you’re assured years of an excellent searching floor which will surely stand the ages. If it’s looked after correctly, it will likely be the final floor you need to install in your house. Just be sure you avoid setting up wood flooring in moist areas and employ designed or laminate floors instead.

Wood Paintings Decor Wood Paneling Recommendations

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Wood Paintings dcor for instance wood paneling is a straightforward to set up and economical approach to increase youthfulness and sweetness to your house. Outdated surfaces could potentially cause the home to appear previous in addition to outdated. Paneling may be used in any area of your house to include existence as well as sizing. You will find several versions, kinds, and shades accessible to be selected through. Dialect throughout groove paneling is straightforward to setup and it is a quick project that may last for a long time in your own home. If you’re thinking about offering your home a great method to increase the need for your own house through finishing the particular loft in addition to designing any crucial major place such as the lounge.

Wooden paneling can be a Wood Paintings dcor links learn to, medium as well as dark timber colors. It is almost always accessible in textures and fashions which will appear normal. Choose types of wood for example pine, wood together with barn wood. An old-fashioned search, the standard search along with a everyday appear are probable using the assortment of wood paneling. Refinished cellars . are extremely one location in your home which paneling could be at low costs placed. A whole downstairs room may be paneled for starters particular,500. The easiest method to hide aged wall document within the lounge is always to stress the region getting an ordinary searching walnut panel. It is really an simple to perform yourself venture. Prior to starting the job consider the partitions to find out just how much paneling will probably be needed. Many sections are usually mouth throughout pattern and just go in addition to freeze position.

Improving is simple and affordable using paneling. The truly amazing searching paneling that exist is comparatively cheap and interesting. Normal searching wood finishes look authentic and engaging. High light the finished Wood Paintings dcor with showcases, shelves and wood coating shelves. Your house look restored getting a at some point project connected with adhering wall membrane paneling. It is really an smart way replenish your house together with substitute dim, unexciting areas with desirable, vibrant spaces that attract relatives and pals. Add artwork effortlessly to paneling following it may be put up. Town hardware store can help you in choosing the various tools needed to best the work. Correct paneling positioning prevents buckling in addition to bending with time. Take a while and put the specific paneling in compliance with maker’s strategies for an ideal, more durable type which will relish for a long time.

Totally free Grants or loans Pertaining to Home Improvement Repair Costs

If you want to correct or perhaps restoration your house, home improvement grants or loans supply totally free cash in order to Us citizens who are able to use financial aid in relation to covering the tariff of residence fix. These grants are usually furnished by the government. Particularly, your neighborhood authorities has the best desire for letting you financing the home improvement tasks, since they are the methods to learn the most.

The average consumer, in addition benefits tremendously readily available plans. Home improvement awards present free of charge funds in which in no way has to be reimbursed. Provided that these kinds of money is employed for the idea arranged inside your give request, the cash is actually your own to help keep.

After you connect to the grant repository to find the authorities offer programs you are qualified for obtain, you may realize that there are a variety involving scholarships from which to choose. A few supply income for home restoration, others supply no cost allow income to expand your home, while others offer the cash you need to buy some new kitchen appliances to be able to power efficient products. All depends on which authorities packages tend to be accessible in your area and exactly how much financing remains that you can state.

When you submit an application for home improvement grants, there is no need to worry about your credit score, guarantee or even advance payment funds. Because these are certainly not financial products, the government is just not enthusiastic about this info. What you will require, however, could be the information on any project, a bid regarding how much it will improve the value of your house, plus a good plan of methods much money your project will surely cost.

Wood Panel Regarding Design

Wood paneling can be a conventional method of creating a stunning indoor. Wooden paneling has got the manifestation of giving the component of ease and luxury for just about any residence. It is made in many different types according to the kind of wood utilized.

Wall cells have become a fundamental piece of home design. They are useful for various functions. Many companies put it on hide nearly any wires and they’re superb to appear the interior connected having a space.

Transportable wall membrane sections will also be used just like a divider panel regarding places of work or perhaps offices. Walls sections are usually made from timber and often coupled with wall picture along with other distinctive assets to brighten it. Relating to recording companies, a specific walls cell is utilized which has the capacity to taking in audio regarding far better acoustics. You will find plenty of types of wooden paneling available in top computing devices. These folks vary throughout dimensions, color as well as quality.

Surface Kinds

The particular veneer complete timber solar power panels are built having a couple of plies such as the face, again along with the key which may be within the center. Pre-finished timber dentures would be the most high-listed kinds. A couple of versions include grain to achieve an incredible complete. Less pricey timber sections does not need grain.

Plastic dispersed type includes different timber models that are laminated directly into particalboard. The models are often imprinted through photograph process. This kind of wood panel could be washed effortlessly however should be given choose to steer clear of scrapes.

Floor released is among the less costly types of wood panel and sometimes used relating to DIY tasks. That’s comprised of timber feed complete through hi-tech photography. It is crucial take advantage of distinct cleaning elements relating for this kind of materials to be able to avoid harm to it’s finish and coloration.

Imprinted papers panel uses imprinted paper with some other designs that is next laminated into wood to develop a lovely complete. This type of the right kind for any affordable inside.

Support types could be available everywhere. They may be made from moderate thickness fiber board (MDF), solid wood or particalboard. For anyone who is short inside your investing budget, you may choose to take advantage of wood. The pricey versions of wood panel could be more manageable around the wetness trained with happen to be created employing numerous wooden remedies.

Grooves can be used for wood panel surfaces. This could be either true groves or even the coloured grooves. True lines are the most useful throughout top quality which might be identified by artistically analyzing it it. Lines which may be directly as well as well-defined have high quality. Colored grooves are usually less costly when in comparison with true grooves.

Wood paneling is really consistently getting it’s recognition specifically there are much more options which are being produced by numerous top producers. Much more quantity of timber sections is perfect for DoDo It Yourself projects for you to rapidly deploy your personal wood panel within your house.

Make sure that your walls are usually flattened and dry up right before investing in to be able to avoid dampness originating from accumulating together with bending that. Relating to concrete surfaces, it is crucial perform some acquiring through the use of furring strip like a spacer that will help you disappear any increases regarding humidity. If you reside likely to employ wetness resistant wood cells, you will still wish to accomplish the very first actions.

Wood paneling gives you plenty of choices inside creating your personal walls. It is almost always vital that you perform standard sprucing to prevent moisture as well as help with growing the durability of a person’s wood panel. Supplying you are aware how to handle the wood panel, you might take advantage of the benefit of the splendor for several years.

Сontemporary bath – a combination of use and enjoyment


Are there any bathroom fixtures more elegant than freestanding whirlpool bathtubs? Not only are they a slice of relaxation heaven installed right in your bathroom, but freestanding whirlpool bathtubs are also beautifully designed additions to any home. And since you spend so much time in the bathroom, why not make your bathtub bold, beautiful and inviting? All in all, freestanding air bathtubs are a great option when you want to upgrade your washroom.


Visual appeal: Freestanding contemporary bathtubs aren’t shy bathroom fixtures. They’re elegant and bold with their thoughtful, sculptural features. Freestanding air bathtubs are designed to be visually appealing; you can’t help but to notice them when you walk through the door.

Ease your pain: The high pressure of the jets in freestanding contemporary bathtubs make for a great water massage, otherwise known as hydrotherapy. You can also put your feet in front of the jets for a reflexology massage.

Improves blood circulation: Poor circulation is often a cause of restricted blood vessels. When you sit in a freestanding contemporary bathtub, the heat transfers to your body and relaxes the blood vessels. Improved blood circulation can help your body to heal injuries faster, and also remedies cold extremities.

Melt away stress:  Though stress is a natural reaction to threats and danger, frequent stress can cause pain, poor digestive problems, poor immune function, and even life threatening events like heart attacks. Contemporary freestanding bathtubs are a practical way to combat stress day after day. The warm water and massaging action of freestanding contemporary bathtubs work together to help ease any stressful feelings you have.


Three features of freestanding whirlpool bathtubs work together to make them so effective and enjoyable:

Heat: The heated water in the tub raises your own body temperature, thus relaxing restricted blood vessels and allowing your blood to circulate better.

Buoyancy: Buoyancy acts as a counter balance to gravity, which is useful in taking the strain off of your muscles and joints. This can be a very welcomed relief.

Massage effect: This aspect is unique to whirlpool bathtubs. Steady streams of air force water through the jets of the bathtub, which gently puts pressure on your body. This gentle massage effect can ease pain and relax muscles. The massaging action can be as light or intense as you want it to be.

Athletic Uses As an example of just how effective hydrotherapy is, freestanding whirlpool bathtubs are often employed in sports medicine.Whenever an athlete has an injury that could possibly keep them from performing, soaking in a hydrotherapy tub aids in the healing process. The heat of the water helps blood to circulate to the injury site, thus encouraging the site to heal. The water jets of the freestanding whirlpool tub also massages the injured area, further encouraging blood circulation. The hydrotherapy process also reduces pain that would otherwise keep the athlete on the sidelines.

As you can see, freestanding contemporary bathtubs Aquatica are the perfect combination of asthetic appeal and practicality. When you purchase an air tub, you’re purchasing an investment in your home and in yourself.


Become back Wood Sections: Relating to speak Splendor together with Stability

Global warming may be the most crucial danger as you are watching mankind nowadays. The particular fast deforestation is among the main reasons for that. We have been cutting around the eco-friendly high trees simply to meet home adornment needs for any very long time. It’s about time that people stop in addition to consider another greater options to renovate the homes than cut lower your timber.

Usage of recycled wood might help lessen the threatening procedure for deforestation. If you are thinking about Wood Sections for your household, why not basically consider recycled Wood Sections. It’s an eco-friendly and price effective option that is suitable for for basically any type of creating. Reclaimed sections regarding roofs as well as surfaces are perfect for contemporary, rustic, in addition to traditional options.

You are able to really get the reclaimed Wood Sections for the home by getting in contact with a web-based seller. Instead of beginning store ability as well as employing extensive employees, these web based assets spread the private savings towards the customers. That’s the online sources can provide you with superb wood sections within an very affordable. Their generator immediate service includes shipping connected with wooden straight from their unique observed mills in addition to destruction websites.

The particular visual reclaimed cells are usually nonetheless durable also. Become away from the Nineteenth century colonial homes, mls, warehouses, grain lifts, plants, barns, as well as wooden dams across the united states ., the timber makes stableness for the sections. Regarding paneling, you possibly can make the range in the popular kinds of wooden for example Douglas 1, Heart This tree, Classic Walnut, Cypress, Redwood, Barn Wooden, in addition to Cardiovascular Cypress.

Number of excellent become back wooden suppliers allow you to choose from a number of milling information : tongue & dance, straight border, as well as ship-lap. In addition, they allow you to specify your customized specifications and produce these available despite the fact that they are not from the web site.

For those who have almost any distress in selecting the correct Wood Sections alternative for your house, the become back timber seller will help you within this simultaneously. You’ll have the ability to deliver an e-mail alluding to items you are looking at and they are likely to make contact with anybody. In addition, you may also obtain examples of number of merchandise like vintage wooden flooring